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Textual Criticism
Majority Greek Text vs. Modern Translations

From Europe to the Near East, roughly 95% of the Bibles were based upon the
Greek text  known as the Byzantine,  Antioch, Textus Receptus, or Majority Text.
The modern English versions since 1881 are from a variant 4th-5th C. text from
Alexandria, Egypt.  It reflects what you might expect  from the Alexandrian School
of philosophers and Gnostics which is (1) Jesus wasn't the Christ, (2)  Christ didn't
 come in the flesh, or (3) Jesus didn't recognize God as his father.   (See 1 John 4:3,
KJV)  Modern versions identify with Westcott & Hort, Nestle-Aland, Critical Text,
Novum Testamentum Graece, and "most recent manuscripts" only because of when
they were discovered.  Some examples of textual varients.

See Les Garrett's videos for the evidence:
Which Bible Can We Trust?  VIDEOs Vol 1  Vol 2  Vol 3  Vol 4
Video of screencast presentation in Tualatin.  Apply to quickly get password.
Les Garret is not KJV-Only; He is Textus Receptus Only.

The Authority of Church Elders in the New Testament
It meticulously examines every relevant passage in the New Testament scriptures.
Read the
Abstract and introductory sections in Chapter I on Methodology, The
Semantics of Authority, 
and Thesis. Next, read the Concluding Observations at the
end of chapters 2 through 6.  Then delve into Chapter 7 which sums up the subject
of authority and the role it plays as Position, Responsibility, Power and Influence.

The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy by Davis & Clark
Downloads of these most important PDF Files and MP3 Files

The only real problem we see with the King James Version is that
the translation team was under the direction of Bishop Bancroft to
maintain the ecclesiastical terminology of the high church which
was designed to establish and preserve a clergy/laiety hierarchy
through abuse of the Greek.  Chapter 2 is a detailed exegesis of the
Greek words that were dis-translated.

Jerry Benjamin  Sample MP3
"The church is not about us, it is all about Christ" 
He is not to be prominent; He is to be Pre-eminent.

Johannic Baptism by James W. Dale
John was preaching the Jewish Kingdom message and for Israel to repent.
Israel rejects the Kingdom.  John annointed the sinless Jesus as Christ. 
We can't copy Him!  There is no allegory we are to follow Christ and get dunked.

"One Lord" - An Anthem by Alan Hemenway
Downloads of audio files and printed music parts.

A Christian World View
Booknotes & Reviews
Cancer Alternative Therapies
Cancer Self-Help Support Program
by Dr. Jacob Swilling 
by Bradley Schultz

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Maurice Johnson Archives (1893-1979)  
A phenomenal ministry

The Sin of Sectarianism
Quotes 51 famous clergy - 234K

CULT:  Robert A. Grove Ministries, Inc.
Destroyers of Christian lives, Christian homes, 
     and the Church which is Christ's Body

Dr. Stuart Crane (1930-2013)  He led me out of sectarianism in 1972.
The "Other" Religion, Wheat Receipts, Montreal Seminar 1976

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