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Posted on Saturday, February 25, 2006 - 4:03 am:

I walked away from everyone on both sides over twenty years ago, silently, to protect our family. Yet over time our family ended up on both sides of this issue. I came here to see if I could see the light of GOD shining through you all or whether you were stealing corn husk from the pen.

I would like these problems solved so that I could see our family back together again. Sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table just like the old days. Seeing nieces and nephews that I have only heard about. Beyond that I have no further hope or expectations. I can not trust leadership that caused this all happen and their followers that enabled it. Bad leadership has no effect if no one follows. I do not see the groups ever getting back together again. Yet if the problems were solved, that would give the families a chance to heal.

Its sad that the greatest obstacle we face in rejoining our families is not Robert Grove, but our family members that continue to submit to the instructions of the leadership and put their faith in them. All that is necessary is for them to hear what is being said by their leaders and to go and prove whether they are true. Prove whether names are really causing division amongst Christians. Prove whether separating yourselves from other Christians is a shining light to other Christians and others, or is nothing more than a good example of a denomination. Prove whether their family members are continuing to be used by GOD.

Attacking Robert Grove and other group members, while it may be justified, only has the effect of strengthen them and their bonds, because they simply see it as a continued onslaught of them against the world. Our most effective tool that we have for reaching out to our family members is to live godly lives. This is not as simple as it should be, because every mistake that we make is amplified and used as support for their judgments. Because of this we are all linked.

After twenty plus years, to see so much passion, so much pain, yet ultimately so much love. That after twenty plus years we would not give up on our love ones and still want our families unified before GOD. Where “unity of the spirit” is once more an adjective to describe our families and not a club used to drive them into submission.

I pray for a miracle as I am sure that you do too.

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