Eddie Billmeyer's Letters

Time of months letters were written: 

This is the time range of my letter that were written and sent solely ONLY to Jim Maurer, Weyman Zelder, Ray Sharpless. I did not send any of my letters to Christians meeting in the assemblies. Even though I never heard from Weyman, I still sent every letter when they were written to him. Jim answered letters 1-3, Jim & Ray together wrote to me after letter #13. The Marking of my wife and I came after they received letter #14.

October 1999 – Letter #1
October 1999 – Jim’s Letter #1

November 1999 – Letter #2

November 1999 – Jim’s Letter #2

December 1999 – Letter #3

December 1999 – Jim’s Letter #3

January 2000 – Letter #4
February 2000 – Letter #5
March 2000 – Letter #6
April 2000 – Letter #7
May/June 2000 – Letter #8
July 2000 – Letter #9
August 2000 – Letter #10
September 2000 – Letter #11
October 2000 – Letter #12
November 2000 – Letter #13

November 2000 – Letter from Jim & Ray

December 2000 – Letter #14
December 2000 – 

I Sent Letters #9, #12, #14. On page 16 of letter 14
I told Jim and Ray I would meet with certain
brethren. Those brethren I asked for were Jim
Maurer, Ray Sharpless, Weyman Zelder, John
Morey, Delbert Brittain, Ralph Johnson. I did ask
for three marked brethren. I did not ask for James
Cox, but I did send him copies of letters #9– 12-14.

December 2000 – Letter from L.A. brethren marking Eddie & Sue
January 2001 – Letter #15

The names on my letter head, you would know are Jim, Ray and Weyman. Nathan Johnson never got any of my letters because when Jim received my first letter, he called Nathan in Arkansas and told him not to read my letter, I was told by Nathan not to send any letters. To this day he does not know what I have written. Bill is my son-in-law married to my daughter Doria, Jim is my son "James Billmeyer". My son-in-law, my daughter and my son received all my letters.

I would not have written any letters to Jim, Ray, and Weyman if our Lord had not put this burden on my heart. "I can not write a letter and I am a very poor speller". After letter #15 our Lord lifted His burden from my heart. As of this day I have not written any letters to these three brethren. 

Eddie Billmeyer

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