by Elisabeth (Robshaw) Binion


Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2006 - 7:05 pm:

Hello everyone.... I have been hesitant to say anything on this forum, but finally decided it really is not much different than standing before a group of 400-500 people at a camp meeting and giving a testimony. First, I am VERY thankful for what the Lord did for all of us on the cross! Secondly, I'm grateful the Lord placed me in a Christian home as I came into the world. My parents were not perfect, but they loved the Lord, and were very diligent in teaching us the Lord's word.

Until recently I met with a Christian group all my life - - the group that is the focus of this thread on this forum. There are definitely good things about the group, but most of those leading and ‘counseling’ have certainly taken a swing away from Biblical teachings and principles, and seem to use scriptures out of text to support their own interests. To those of you still in the ‘grip of the group’ - - Please open your eyes, ears and heart, and honestly ask the Lord to guide you. Step back a few paces from the group, and observe, note what is true and Biblical, and what is NOT Biblical. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the trends of this whole ‘Christian group’ changing from the way it was years ago. Typical for humans, actually, to take pride in themselves, and want other humans under their control, and want others look up to and admire them, and lean heavily on them, rather than the Lord Jesus Christ.

Other comments I would make are ditto of Stephen and Jodie White's notes above, almost to a T!!! Elisabeth (Robshaw) Binion

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