by Elisha (Hull) Gay


Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2005 - 11:30 am:

My name is Elisha Gay. I am the granddaughter of Woody and Lois Hull and the daughter of Bill Hull and Janice Hunt (now Cantey) I have many uncles, aunts and cousins currently members of Robert A. Grove ministries or The Church the Body of Christ. My parents left this "Group" when I was 5 or 6 and were marked along with my fathers sister and her husband. (Bill and Karen Lefever) I just want to say that I myself do not know a lot about this group and how it functions now. However, I do remember how this church's practices tore my family completely apart. I was very close to my grandparents and especially my cousins when I was young; I love my family very much. I went from spending much time with my family to not being able to see them much at all because we were "marked". After we were marked my grandparents would not spend time with me anymore. They would pass by our house on the way to "meetings" and toot the horn maybe. One birthday they dropped my gift on the front step and left. My grandparents were wonderful people. My grandfather was the most upbeat, joyful person I have ever known. My grandmother would sit with me for hours playing scrabble and other games. I know this idea of marking their son and his family must have been just as hard on them. I have watched my family fall apart for 30 years now and it has broken my heart. I have cousins I don't even know in this group. The cousins I did know and play with every weekend have grown up with their own children and families and we have grown apart. It is all very sad. I do not believe God intended religious differences to drive apart entire families. My mother's family was in the group as well. I still have an aunt and 4 cousins on her side still in the group. I used to sit and listen to my family argue over this groups doctrines for hours and wonder why they could not just enjoy their time together. My parents had a very difficult time growing up with so much legalism and it still affects them today. I consider myself very lucky. I love my Lord and Savior. I belong to a wonderful church (Baptist) and my pastor preaches the Word of God. I miss my family so much, but God has given me a new family in my brothers and sisters in Christ. I do not feel unworthy as I did when I was a small child because I was marked. I am pure in God's eyes and while I am still a sinner, I have eternal security in Christ.

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