by Fortunate Son

Posted on Monday, April 25, 2005 - 11:13 pm:

Hello to everyone who has posted and who may be reading. Several people have asked "Why do people stay in this group?". Of course different people are motivated by different things but I think the primary reasons are likely pride, fear, ignorance, and various combinations of the three.

There are members who are so shallow that simply being a member of "the true church" gives them a sense of self importance. Others fear losing family and friendships, and have lurking doubts that maybe "the group" is right in spite of their obvious flaws. There are some good people still "in" who simply don't have a clue. They are simple folks who lack the mental acuity or intellectual curiosity to put together all the strands of deceit that permeate this group. Then there are the lazy ones who turn a blind eye to the evil and convince themselves that the bogey man can't get them, much like a small child hugging a stuffed bear and sucking their thumb.

But the most important group I believe, are the ones who are themselves guilty of gross sins and improprieties. Let's step back and examine the larger picture in America today. Many Americans attend "church" on a regular or semi-regular basis, but most of them are not concerned with or even conversant with the Word of God. They go to "church" to socialize and/or to feel "good about themselves". I am convinced that large numbers go to "church" for the purpose of obtaining a type of insurance. Put another way, they go to "church" as a hedge bet against the chance that maybe God in fact does exist and is not very pleased with all the sin and depravity he sees in today's world.

The "group" is no different, except they do appear to in fact be a cult as opposed to the Baptists or Methodists who in spite of their many short comings, don't presently rise to that level. In “the group”, there are men who are living lives of lies, and their only way to prolong this fake existence and maintain a pious front, is to support and prop up the head liar.

My family is from Virginia, we were "marked" over 30 years ago, and I thank God for that. I know some of the people who have posted here, and reading their comments has been gut-wrenching to say the least. I have had several vantage points from which I have observed this group over the years.

The urge to purge has been a part of this outfit for more years than some people seem to realize, and undoubtedly goes back beyond my knowledge as well. In the early 60's Tommy Anderson and several families were marked. Richard Bailey likewise. In the late 1960's or very early 1970's (memories fade) Bob Thompson was marked. Beginning in the late 60's here in Virginia and continuing through the mid 70's there was almost continuous carnage as family after family was shunned. ALL of this was prior to the current “leader” assuming his throne. In fact never ending turmoil is the one thing that bridges the decades of this group's history.

Two methods of control are obvious when this organization is examined. The first is that young adults are pressured to marry with-in. This binds them closer to the group but more importantly draws their families into an ever more entangled mass of in-laws and generations. The second is the tactic of moving key people around the country like pieces on a chess board. If you go back and trace the movement of the major players, you will find a bewildering series of cross-country moves involving many members of the "leadership" and their families.

Suffice it to say that I consider this group’s “leadership” to be evil and a textbook example of how Satan works to divide and harm Christians. It didn't get that way overnight and in fact it has been heading in that direction for well over 40 years. When a building collapses, all parts of it must be examined including the foundation. The only being worthy of being "followed" is Jesus Christ. Men can teach, and help others to understand the word of God, counsel the troubled, and offer wisdom, but when man starts "following" man, heartache and troubles will ALWAYS be the result.

Fortunate son.

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