by Loving Wife

Posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2004 - 5:51 pm:

I am sorry that I cannot put my name here. My husband is technically still a member of this group. I am not. His parents are the most warm and loving people you will ever meet. But his mother was raised in this group. His father converted before they were married. They will never see this group as anything other than only right way. It makes me sad, because I know eventually it will all come to a head. Because my husband knows my children will NEVER EVER be around these people. (The Groves, et. al) Someday those at meeting will push the issue. They will not accept that for years my husband has not come to meeting because of work. And his parents will be forced to mark him. It will break their hearts and his. And, for that, mine is breaking as well. Thank you for this thread. I have been telling my husband for quite a while that these people sounded like a cult. He accepted it in his head... but knowing it in his heart is a whole other thing. Reading all of your posts was so hard for him. He says: My whole life has been a lie. How can I heal that kind of pain? One of the posts said that they found this group was in a book of Cults in the library. Can you tell me where to find that. Thank you. The ammunition may or may not help with his parents when push ultimately comes to shove.

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