by Norman

Posted on Monday, October 11, 2004 - 6:49 pm:

Although never a member of the cult about which this discussion is rightfully consumed, I have intimate friendships with many who have suffered greatly at the virtual hands of the false teachers of this cult. I am personally appalled at the willingness of the followers of those "Godless" men to turn their backs on their loving parents, children, grandchildren, and friends. I am further dismayed to find that some of the "faithful" have taken unjustified and illegal advantage of the elderly and have conspired to gain financial benefit from both the trust the elderly have in the assembly and the inability the elderly have in grasping reality.
I know one wonderful couple who were marked by the "one of the great leaders" because they were gracious enough to support a grandson who had been marked. This couple not only had their son and daughter turn their backs on them for taking in their 17 year old son, their friends of many, many years rewarded their kind consideration by turning their back on them as well.

Some of the most wonderful and Godly people I know are among those who were marked by the Assembly. I can attest to the fact that such a marking in truly a promotion from a cult that destroys into the faithful service of Christ who heals.

Persons in other cults have been called to task by governing authorities and are not spending time behind bars. It is my firm conviction that, although God will meet out justice in the end, it would not hurt for some of the elect in this cult to meet that same fate.

I am happy you all have this forum to help you feel the support of others equally afflicted by the disease that is the Assembly. God bless you all.

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