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Posted on Monday, February 13, 2006 - 4:15 pm:

Hi all, I'm attending a Torch Bearers bible-school in CO.  I was not raised in meetings, but I come from parents who were... I lived in and among various assemblies over the last few years for short stints...

I understand a lot of the suspicions and bitternesses and do not judge them as paranoia or mere sour-grapes... all these postings are vulnerable to subversion by Bob Harrison; (I remember stories of him emailing and text-messaging guys and girls in the assembly as different ghost/false identities, as a message in a meeting about online- "predators") ... Honestly... after sitting through hours and hours of the "orderly-following" message/tour in Northern California, I understood it to be him simply saying "big brother is watching you"... The guy worked in the Pentagon... he's powerful, he's dangerous... This was my thought overall;

"...Context, if we ever take our own view of an agenda outside of its true intent, based on our own "limited perception", we have created a "barrier" a breakdown in communication. Truth is then relative to our own "authoritative-opinion", then there is no truth at all. When we allow "relative-ethics" to rule, we declare all to be in a state of anarchy. Then there are absolutely no absolutes, this unforgivable state of contradiction brings about the absence of any real logic or philosophy. We are degraded to animals, having license for all and liberty from nothing. What is truth is true, what is false is not. A living law, open to interpretation by any and all individuals under it is not any form of a law at all, but is certainly an enabler for chaos..."

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2006 - 4:17 pm:

I don't defend leadership... but i do understand the followers adherence to a set form of rules and standards... I love the families that genuinely reached out to me, that took me in with nothing to gain from it. I understand their respect for Robert... on a personal level... from across the table, having supper with him and "Cessie"... he's a nice guy...

...but any ammo you give him, he will use against you at the first self glorifying, gainful opportunity... he will twist your words thoughts and ideas out of context if it fits his agenda... Weyman's the same, and so is Dave Powers... (I've had less contact with Jim Mauer, Marty Jeans, and Bob Harrison... but based on their messages, there seems to be no difference in the manner, method, or style.)

Next thought; "...Is conformity uniformity? I believe "Conformity" for the sake of the community is logical and sound. But "Uniformity" would declare the loss of our will to merely "earthly-powers", where Christ would have our wills submit, surrender, and conform to Him. Soo for practical applications, in dress, speech and demeanor, in a healthy community we have chosen by Christ's leading, (not by a balancing of negative and positive earthly results, not by our own logic, our own understanding), let us have a "form " of "conformity" where it is appropriate. It is a testimony to Christ, when there is orderly organization, not chaos. But NEVER "uniformity" to an earthly, man-made organization or program, requiring the forfeit of our wills to them. That is not Christ. ..."
In Love and Peace,

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 - 5:23 pm:

I've been getting some prying calls from family and friends,
(persons still in "the group",)

I think my identity is apparent to those high enough up that they're allowed to read this forum, they're probably putting pressure on these people to contact me and pump me for info.
I'm sure i should expect a marking letter sometime in the up and coming weeks... I suppose sooner or later it would've caught up to me...

Oh well... it's a good thing they're markings have no effect on anything in the real world... they're 'microcosm' is entirely isolated to those willing to be in subjection to the dictatorship of the ministers. Still, the friends and family will be missed.

...but... "The harvest is great, and the laborers are few...", there's a whole 'mission- field' out here! It's better to focus on the tasks at hand God has prepared for me,and prepared me for.

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