by Pam Beitzel

Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 - 7:31 pm:

My name is Pam Beitzel. My maiden name is Kauffman. I am the daughter of Johnny Kauffman and Pat Werner and my step-dad Art Werner. I don’t know where to begin. These message boards have been so exciting to me. My sister Donna Gilbert and her family and my husband Jim and my family are the only ones out of our family that are marked. We have three brothers still in the group. Rodger Kauffman, James & Jeff Werner, and our step-dad, Art Werner. I just pray that this will in some way get to our brothers and open their eyes. Donna & I missed out on the last 6 years of our mothers life. She died of cancer in the early nineties. The only time we could see her was when she was at deaths door, then we would get a call to come right away. We would go visit as much as we could. The amazing thing is that during the times we could visit her she would seem to be getting better, then they would stop the visits and she would get worse again. A comfort that I will always hold dear to my heart is on one of the visits to see mom, she told Donna and myself that she knew that we had a true relationship with the Lord. I am so thankful to hear those words from her mouth. When she did die, my Aunt Carmen Payton made sure to let us know of the all of the arrangements. Her service was to be held at the All Day meeting in L.A. One of the first people we saw was our sister-in-law Glennda Kauffman. She took one look at us and got furious and demanded to know what we were doing there. Jim’s brother Joe Beitzel also asked why we were there. Jim said, “My wife’s mother just died, and this is her memorial”. I still can’t believe that we were challenged as to why we were there, when Aunt Carmen wanted to make sure that we were there. We sat for two hours listening to their version of the “unity of the spirit”, and what a heartache my mom suffered in regards to her two daughters. My youngest daughter, who was 7 at the time said “why are they saying these things about you mama?” After meeting was over, Rachel Stevens (Sharpless), who was my best friend since we were 2 years old, came up to me and asked me “what are you teaching your children about the unity of the spirit?” I looked around me, then right into her eyes and said “ that it isn’t here”. That day confirmed to Jim & I that we did the right thing by taking our family out of meeting.

An added note to any who might still be in the group, and have been convinced that Pat Werner died to get her daughters attention and bring them back to the Lord (or Robert Groves control), I will not accept the responsibility of my mom’s death. I have not left the Lord, just the group.

Love & Prayers to all,

Pam Beitzel

Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 - 9:29 pm:

I would like to clarify a few things. I was born and raised in meeting. My family attended the Riverside, CA assembly. We belong to one of the largest families in the group, which made our decision to leave so much harder. Jim & I had to make a decision as to who we loved more, our family or the Lord. We do not regret our decision. Having said that, I do not regret being raised in meeting. It was not the same back then. I am so thankful for the foundation in God’s word that I was taught growing up. I was thankful for the example of a wife and mother that my mom set for our family.
It was not until Robert Grove started his manipulations in control that things changed. My dad (Art Werner) and my brothers are educated men with college degrees. I do not understand how they cannot see through Robert and his business dealings. Dad used to be chief account of Riverside County, CA. He now lives in the Ft. Worth area (married to Beverly King). I don’t know how he could have sat in the meeting about Jeff Groves building and not seen that it didn’t add up.

If it seems like I’m rambling, I may be. My mind is going in so many different directions in regards to different situations.

Thank you for your love and patience, Pam Beitzel 

Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2004 - 6:58 pm:

Like I said a couple of days ago, things have changed. The husband/father was the head of the home. He had the final word as to if his wife or daughters wore make-up, cut hair, or pierced their ears. Other jewelry was fine. My parents were a little more liberal in those areas. We could have bangs, keep our hair trimmed and we were allowed to wear some make-up. On the whole, long hair and and dresses have been the mode of dress. Always modesty.

Now the 'leadership' makes those decisions for all of their homes. I can't imagine having to ask Robert or Jim Maurer if I can allow my daughter to shave her legs. The headship of the home has been taken away. 

Posted on Tuesday, September 07, 2004 - 5:25 pm:  

I agree with you Shane. That following summer Jim [Beitzel] asked some of the men from the Riverside assembly and Jack Langford to meet with him and go over some of our questions. Instead of answering Jim's questions and concerns, they marked Dana. A couple of days later Jim and Jack Langford went to lunch to again go over Jim's questions and try to understand exactly why Dana was marked. Jack asked Jim not to see Dana until he talked to the men and got back to Jim. Jack Langford got on a plane back to Texas the very next day and never contacted Jim again. That was all the answer we needed that it was an ungodly marking. We invited Donna & Dana over for Jim's B-Day party. The men never sat down with Jim, they just called him on the phone and told him that we were marked for having Dana in our home. There was not one Godly thing done in the way Dana was marked, or the way Jim was marked. The group is very guilty of overlooking the issues that Jack Langford involved himself in that was improper.

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