by  Saved2

Posted on FactNet Thursday, March 17, 2005 - 12:57 pm:

Regarding Dannon's last post, don't we all have many things to apologize for in our lives? Things we may not even realize we did.

Possibly, RAG could be treating his "flock" as he does without realizing the horrible impact and devistation of so many lives. Now notice I said "possibly". But if RAG is as spiritual as he obviously tries to portray then he would be in total submission to God and God's actions are totally opposite than RAG's in LOTS of areas, so this obviously shows where RAG's spiritual walk and life are. So, YOU who are reading this right now, do you want to live your life following God or man? It is really simple and very clear what the righteous choice would be and is, and every day You are making the choice to do as God's word commands us to do or to fail our Lord and Savior who created us and sent His son to die for our sins.

When we were in the group we allowed ourselves to feel "safe". We believed this was a group of people that taught and lived how the Bible says for us to live. As the years went by things changed and kept changing. Strange how Robert Grove used to make fun of different denominations that changed their doctrine or church bibles and look at where he is now. Things we say can and do come back to haunt us, as he sure has changed his teachings drastically.

As also was mentioned in the post preceding this their are many, many who were misrepresented and treated totally like Satan wanted over and over again by Rag and RAG's "group". Maybe one day we will rejoice with Robert when he makes things right with God and his brethren, that is an often prayer in our home. I encourage each of you to earnestly pray for Robert and all the "group" followers that follow him or trust him to make their decisions for them.

You all have heard the saying "the guilty dog barks first", well we have all heard Robert and his way of speaking to and or about loved ones. The truth always comes out sometime or another.

"What we sow we will reap", God said it, I have seen it happen and believe it.

Also known to many, "the one who speaks most negatively about others, is the one who has the most to hide". You all know this to be unfailingly true.

We were "groupies" and are very thankful to be free from the constant turmoil and strife that brews in that cultic group. When we slid out we prayed and our prayers have been answered with unbelievable blessing that could only come from God, a loving God that forgives and forgets.

The God I now know, does not keep raking up people's failures and faults for years to come repeatedly even after they have sought forgiveness. The God I know does not insinuate publicly that possibly you have sinned more than you have confessed to without knowing firsthand or having any proof. (except a dirty mind to think such things that really are none of their business to begin with)

We all sin every day, and have to make those things right with God, not man.

Has anyone ever heard Robert confess to any sin in his life?......... What does that tell you?

Stop being a blind fool, wake up and get right with God and let God lead you where he wants you to be. Don't worry about family and friends for we only need to make sure where we are headed, do you really know God? Do you really talk to God on your own every day? Does God ever answer you or your prayers?

I came across this site and was glad to see some loved brothers and sisters in Christ whom we have loved for years. I pray for blessing in each of your homes as you continue to serve God and encourage others to see if they really know God and His word for yourselves and to stop living in fear of rejection of Robert and his "cultic groupies".

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