by Stephen White


Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2006 - 6:47 pm:


Your last summary of the control the leadership has is very true. Although they would never say it that straight, it's definitely the reality.

My wife is a product of that influence. From day one of our marriage I have had to work with her fear and need of acceptance of her father and RAG ministers. She could not see a clear picture of God and his love. With much pain and struggle she has grown out of this horizontal thinking. I have seen her relationship with the Lord flourish since we left "the group". I thank the Lord my marriage is free from that control.

Although there is not many broken marriages in "the group" (they are very proud of this fact) there are many that are held together by force and fear of ministry and not much else.


Posted on Saturday, February 18, 2006 - 5:46 pm:

I think Jennie said it well.

"I believe the culture that has been created in that group is beyond repair and my only desire is to see people delivered from it."

I was told when I left that I could not lead a Godly life outside "the group". I was told my prayers would be hindered and I would not receive the blessings of the Lord. I was also told that if I met people that seemed to be strong Christians that it would be the work of the devil making me feel comfortable in "the world".

God gives every man that walks on this earth the chance to accept or reject what his Son did on the cross. If "the group" is the one true way to walk before God he would give every man on earth a chance to be exposed to Robert Groves teaching.
Although I believe there are many wonderful people that are still "in", fixing a few things is not enough. The sectarian bubble there needs to be popped and the people need to be helped by Christians outside of "the group" to find the spiritual freedom that God intended for all his children.



Posted on Tuesday, March 07, 2006 - 7:44 pm:

I could not resist following happy2bout (because it was my crazy wife). I have delayed making my identity known for her sake. As you can probably tell, she is past her fears.

I am Stephen White and happy2bout is Jo Ellen (Jodie) Collins, White (Tom Collins' daughter) my wonderful wife of almost 13 years!!

This is a sad day for my wife. She just found out that the 60th B-day present she sent her dad was returned un-opened. We heard the gift was the topic of a men's meeting and Tom was advised to not open it and send it back. I hope you will pray for my wife at this time. She is a trooper but at times the rejection she feels from her earthly father is very hard for her to bear. Tom has told us that when we want to "get right" with the Lord he will be there for us continuing to walk in unity with his brethren (implying that I am the one that is not).

I have this to say about that:

Tom, you are functioning in leadership in a very sectarian group and are far from "keeping the unity"!! You are caught up in a web of man made rules that separate you from other Christians and your own daughter. It is sad that you are wasting this time on earth not knowing your daughter or her children (I don't think you have ever known your daughter). Tom, I want to say that I love you and you know I have always taken good care of your daughter (and will continue). My desire is to serve the Lord and raise my children to love and honor Him. When I am told I need to "get right" and "come back" it just makes my stomach sick. I have a closer walk and a better understanding of God's love than I ever had (including truly loving all God's children).

I know "spiritual freedom" is a phrase that is mocked in "the group". They say it is a person that wants to serve Him on their own terms. I know they don't say this from the front but what they teach is that leadership knows best and you should follow them. That is spiritual bondage and I know I am experiencing the opposite. I no longer worry about pleasing man but in turn live to please my Saviour. That is a much higher (and humbling) calling.

I have so many thoughts it's hard to put them down. My mind works much faster than my fingers can type.

Posted on Tuesday, March 07, 2006 - 8:01 pm:


I will just close with this; I love all Christians and want to serve God in my life. To those that are still in the group; I know some of these posts may sound like a bunch of bitter people at times. I don't want to come across that way!!!(Not that I am condemning anyone else) It is just frustrating that the things I do and say are reported by leadership very twisted and used as an "example" to control ones that might be on "the edge" (that is why I left without agreeing to a men's meeting). I beg you Not to believe a one sided story and if you would like contact me at  please feel free.

If you are saved, you are my brother or sister and if we don't agree on this earth we will be together in heaven.

Stephen White

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