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"I am NOT a King James Version onlyist. The following Bibles I have found are translated from the Textus Receptus or Majority Text:"

Possible legitimate translations by scholars:

Tyndale New Testament 1526-1530 -
Miles Coverdale's Bible 1535 -
Matthew's Bible 1537 -
The Great Bible 1539 -
Geneva Bible 1557-1560 -
The Bishops' Bible 1568 -
King James Version -
Webster Bible 1833 -
Darby Bible 1884,1890 -
Young's Literal Translation 1862-1898 -
New King James Version 1979 - based off of King James Version and the Textus Receptus, but is reported to side with the Minority Text when the Minority Text differs with the Textus Receptus -;version=NKJV
The 21st Century King James Version 1994 - sh
Literal Translation of the Bible 1995 -
Modern King James Version 1999 -
Analytical Literal Translation 1999 -
World English Bible not yet fully released -
Hebrew Names Version not yet fully released -
English Majority Text Version 2002 -

Other versions, but may have problems (undecided at this time):

Scholarly translations:

Revised Webster Bible 1995 - I don't know anything about this version, it seems of good quality -
Easy-Reading, KJV, Evidence Bible - "The archaic old English words have been replaced with their modern equivalents, without altering the meaning of the King James text.
Third Millennium Bible - This is an interesting Bible, recently published. It is based off of the KJV21, but adds the Apocryphal books. This work is sly. Many conservatives are seeking Textus Receptus/Majority Text Bibles, this plan enables them to slip into the camp with an ecumenical pursuit, the work towards the One World religion.;version=tmb

Not translations, but professional:

New Geneva Study Bible - now renamed as: The Reformation Study Bible - 1995 - this is a "Study Bible" and not a translation. They use the NKJV and have lots of notes and teachings centered around the Reformation theologies. Some of these teachings may have been changed since the Reformation. While I tend to like the NKJV, the teachings in this version are BAD! Here are some reviews of these teachings from this Bible:
Defined King James Bible 1998 - This is not a translation, but only defines old words for modern readers in the notes. This Bible may promote King James onlyism.

Possible scholarly work or possibly acceptable:

Sacred Name Bible(s) - These are not "real" translations. They are usually translations from Public Domain Bibles like KJV or Darby. They replace words like Jesus & God, with transliterations like YHWH, IhsouV, Yeshua, Elohim... -
Here's a link with many Sacred name Bibles:
Updated King James Version 2000 - This really isn't a translation. Someone wrote a program to translate old english words into modern words. Then used that to change the KJV. Only 6% was "translated/changed". They didn't change any text, just let the program change some words. I have placed this "translation" above the ones below, only because a machine updated the language, and not a man. -

Doubt the scholastic work, (may or may not be professional):

V.W. Edition - "It is compiled from out of the NKJV, LITV and KJV texts, Proof-Reading, CORRECTING the ERRORS the unGodly have put into the English versions, with the aid of the tools that scholarship has already provided to anyone who desires to use them."
American King James Version before 1999 - someone took the KJV and hand changed old english into new english, no grammar has been changed -
King James Clarified unknown - It is theologically identical to the New Testament in the King James Bible (KJV), but many of the words have been updated for easier understanding.
Revised Young's Literal Translation work in progress - even YOU can work on this translation -

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