by Verity1

Posted on FactNet Sunday, April 10, 2005 - 8:03 am:

I have just spent the last 30+hrs reading all the postings on these sites. My heart was broken back in the early 80's when I first heard of the splitting of the "only" body of Christ as I had known it, and now my heart is broken again reading of all the pain and destruction in so many lives. (and I thought I/our family, was the only one!!!)

As a teenager, I had stopped going to "meetings" because I was already one of the casualties, however, the training we all received was that we could not be "right with God" outside of their authority, ergo more devastation in my life!

I have spent more than 30 years untangling my mind, heart, soul, and spirit from the paralyzing bondage that I was born, raised and destroyed in.

Like Beth, Linda and many others, I have suffered extreme depression, suicidal and homicidal intentions, promiscuity, been raped, molested, and abused. Three times my ex-husband tried to kill me. Twice by strangulation, once by suffocation. Every time I fled, they would make me go back, even to the point of following me 4hrs down the freeway to make sure I went back. One time they told him to take a baseball bat to me. (Even he knew that was not right counsel.)

After I divorced him and re-married, they told my new husband to divorce me and that he was free to re-marry, but I was not, and neither could I return to my ex-husband as per scripture.

Wow, have things changed! Now, according to Robert Grove, to be "at peace" (I Cor. 7:15) means to be sexually fulfilled (as per his own literature and my personal conversation/verification with him), which is his foundation for divorce and re-marriage.

I have been married for 20 yrs, and now they have told me that the marriage they once required me to dissolve, is now approved of.

Can you imagine if I had listened to them back then? Just one more tragedy in my life that I would have had to overcome.

I have further things that I would like to share, but at a later date, as it is almost sunrise here. I pray that I will not come across as one having a pity party. If there are really some that are still in bondage that are reading this, I hope what I have to say will help set you free.

Posted on Tuesday, May 03, 2005 - 7:54 am: 

The following, I address to Robert Grove, others in "leadership", and those that are a silent witness:

Robert, you wounded me as a young teenager. I know first hand of others that you have devastated, both young and old. You are not ignorant of these wrong doings. They have been addressed to you in person and in writing and yet, you hid behind others to protect yourself from being held accountable. Do you not realize that you will stand before God Almighty one day, and those you have hid behind, down here, will not be there for you? Why do you not care that you have hurt so many? You have referred to those that have "left" as "sore toes". How many "sore toes" will it take for you to realize that 'thou art the man' that is wounding the Body of Christ?

I speak also to others that have had their own part in the devastation of so many. You know who you are. Is your conscience pricked from time-to-time or is it so hardened, that you don't feel it any more? Those of you that are aware of wrong doings and say nothing, are as guilty as those that perpetrate the wrongs. There is still time to put aside your pride and be right with your God. Stop the self-denial and justifications. Robert Grove will not stand up for you before the Lord your God. You will be on your own. Remember, 'it is better for a millstone to be hung around your neck and to be dropped into the sea, than to offend one of God's little ones'. There are so many of us 'little one's' that were wounded in our youth. Is God a liar that we will not be avenged?

Listen to that inner voice, the one from the God who died for you while you were yet a sinner. Do you remember the mercy and grace that He bestowed upon you? Do you remember the joy of your salvation? If you don't, you might really consider why(?). Don't confuse that warm fuzzy feeling of family, potlucks, and fellowship as being right with God. Get alone with God. Read your Bible for yourself. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you. After all, it's just going to be you and Him in the end.

David Powers, you're young yet. Is your heart so hard? Jim Stevens, you told me personally that what was being said was not right. Gordy Grant, my sweet, lovable, double-minded man, does your heart feel the tender proddings of the Holy Spirit anymore? John Morey, Weyman Zelder, how did you sleep at night when you knew in your heart that Robert's new teaching on divorce was wrong? How do all of you justify in your hearts before God, the merger of 'God and mammon'? Robert, your own words were that it was to take advantage of tax breaks. How do you balance that with not letting one hand know what the other is doing? Is a few pennies worth more to you (and clearly others) than a clean conscience before God?

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