Jim Maurer's Three Letters
The Marking of Eddie Billmeyer


Letter from Jim & Ray


Dear Brother Eddie

The content of your letters prove to us that by "good words and that fair speeches" believers can be deceived. Also, you obviously have judge a matter without hearing it because you refused to meet with us.

We have begged for a meeting with you but you would rather get your information from someone like Ron Blain, (a Baptist man who proves by his actions that he has forgotten the sin of sectarianism).

We still believe Eddie, that sectarianism and division in the body of Christ is sin, therefore we consider your letters as unacceptable reading material. You must stop sending them. If you donít, we would be in violation of Godís word if we did not point you out as one sewing discord.

Please let us know when you will be willing to endeavor to be one with us and make the effort to try and keep the unity of the Spirit and meet with us.

Please call Eddie, we want to help you.

Jim & Ray


The answer to this letter was given on page 16 of letter #14 of December - 2000


Answer Letter #1

Dear Brother Eddie,

I was personally disappointed with your letter you sent. It is a classic example of what happens when you are not in active fellowship in the Lord, and have apparently been influenced by "evil communications which corrupt good manners".

Brother Eddie, I believe you have forgotten some of your marching orders. Concerning the subject at hand consider: "Avoid, purge out, have no company with, donít eat with, cut off, have no fellowship with, withdraw from, donít partake with, turn away, beware of, reject, and be at peace about it". All from the Apostle Paul, not Jim Maurer or Weyman Zelder.

In the 5th paragraph on page one of your letter you said, "Do the markings stand for all of His flock, or for only His sheep in the assembly?" Sectarian Christians did not cause the division we had, some of out dear brethren caused this terrible split. Love must have discipline and (God helping us) we "marked to be avoided" those that caused this division and those that stand behind them supporting the division.

In the last paragraph on page one you wrote, "They have not lost their love for Christian Fellowship". Then why donít we see them meeting with us in the name of the Lord? Who moved? Who left? We are still here. I have a list of over 50 people that have had their marking lifted. We love to lift markings Eddie. Who is really keeping the division going? "When we WALK in the light WE HAVE fellowship".

To Protect the flock, a good shepherd must do many things that carnal, wayward sheep might not understand. We marked division among us, are you standing with those that want this division to continue? According to this letter it sounds like you are.

On page 4, third paragraph from the bottom: "You who are shepherds of the Lord have not contacted them that have been cut off". Yes, Weyman and I have failed in areas Iím sure, but we have been faithful in this area of stewardship. (Thank God). "And no man gave unto him". We do not contact marked people. We wait till they move first.

Page 5, 2nd, paragraph Gal.6:1-8 . . . This tells me to go to that person and talk with him etc. etc. Well Eddie, Not AFTER they are marked to be avoided. Also you mention, "this marking was wrong". If we mark someone in error, please let us know who. If itís true that we did this, we would lift it at once.

Bottom of page 5: "Can you tell me the reason behind the markings" Yes. Rebellion against Godís authority and refusal to submit to those that are "over them in the Lord". You also ask, How come all of these Christians were marked in such a very short period?" It took years Eddie, where have you been? I was personally in at least 20 (Iím being conservative) menís meetings in a three year span endeavoring to be together and striving for unity. Eddie, every one of those meetings was called for by those of us that are still here. All our efforts were rejected by those that wanted this division.

Bottom of page 6: "And just think, they were all rejected by you not fit to have in the assemblies". I resent your ignorance here Eddie. They reject the truth, and those WALKING in truth. Discipline in the church is Godís order, discipline is love in action. We love the brethren we marked. And what do you mean we didnít know them very well? God helped me mark my best friends, my wifeís sister, and many of the dearest people Iíll ever know. I personally resent your carnal and ignorant assumptions. What parent is worth the name that doesnít discipline his children? When the bible tells us to "mark them that cause division", it doesnít go on and explain that it is only talking about believers that have no relatives in the church. Your reasoning is flawed.

On page 7: Eddie, Weyman and I speak from Eph. 4 more often than any other passage I can think of. Why the attack on things you donít know? Whoís filling you ears? Itís not Godís Word that you present, but a support to those that wanted this confusion and wanted to walk in their own way. (refusing to submit)

Page 8: "The Christians . . . have got to see the markings for themselves" Eddie, Prov 28:5 tells us: "Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things". Carnal believers do not see clearly. And of course, recovery of the divisive brethren is not the only goal of markings. The markings work, have worked and will work because they are from God. The markings you must have in mind have worked because the assembly has been spared this divisive, sectarian influence that has apparently destroyed your ability to think spiritually. If your letter is any indication of your condition, you need basic scriptural help. And walking in Godís judgments is certainly one of the number one helps for you.

In the last paragraph on page 8: You quote someone: "What you are giving in your messages is usurping my authority over the headship of my family". Let me give you an example Eddie: I warn and preach against TV. Christians might indulge in TV and thatís their problem. We have never marked someone for having a TV as far as I know. But, if they try and tell me that I canít preach on the subject because I"\ím effecting their headship, they are out of order. When they spread this devilish philosophy of supposedly usurping authority and cause division with it, it must be stopped. If you canít see this, you have been blind to Satanís handiwork.

Page 12: "Where is the Mordecai today that will change his clothes and put on sackcloth with ashes and go out into the assemblies and cry with a loud and bitter voice for these saints that are. . . (MARKED?) NO WAY! "For these saints that are" faithful to Godís Word, to the ONE BODY, to the TRUTH, to CALLING DIVISION SIN. Can you no longer recognize the true Mordecaiís?

Page 13: Eddie, please let us know if we marked someone just because of who they are related to and not where they personally stand. I donít know of any, but we would love to find out so we could lift the marking at once and be in fellowship with them in truth. What are the names of the saints you know of that believe they were marked in error and that see the division we had was sin and will walk with us marking that sin?

On the last page: all the Christians .... have fellowship Ö.be free Ö. Rejoice and love Ö. Take down the barriers etc." Sounds good Eddie, as long as we obey Godís Word. There are some barriers in the bible. 1 John 1:7 "But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another". Walking in the light is a barrier. Rom. 16:17-18 "Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause division and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not out Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple". These barriers can be taken care of and then we can have fellowship. With these barriers still up, it would only be a sectarian association. We will not do that Eddie, but that is exactly what most that left want. They want a warm and fussy (anything goes) association. Real fellowship comes with a cost: "Walking in light".

You suggest: "Investigate and find out who is responsible." We did, but apparently Eddie, you were asleep.

My dear brother, please reconsider your thinking and come back to Godís Word. Donít fail the Lord here near the close of your life. Eddie, the reason we lost some young men is because some old men refused to stand. O Eddie, not you. Let us hear and see of your victory.

Your brother in Christ



Answer Letter #2

Dear Brother Eddie, #2

When the prodigal in Luke 15 "would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat:" a wonderful thing happened: "and no man gave unto him". When he moved (but not until he moved) the father Ran. When we see any move toward home, weíll come running.

When spiritual adultery (divisiveness, rebellion, insurrection) was rampant among us and we dealt with it, the opposite of what happened with the prodigal took place. All kinds of wishy- washy Christians from the past and weak Christians floating around among us, "gave unto them". These carnal believers got so much ungodly encouragement to stay in the PIG PEN that most of them never experienced the thrill of: "And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my fatherís have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger! I will arise and go to my father". Luke 15:17-18

On page 2 of your 2nd letter you ask in regards to 1 Cor.5:9-13, Do any of those Christians fall into this category?" Yes they do! The list does not include child molesters, drug pushers, killers, etc. But spiritual believers and faithful leaders make Godly Scriptural application. And: "In the multitude of counselors there is safety". Prov.11:14

On page 3 you state, "Verses 11 &12 (of Eph. 5) do not apply to Christians". Eddie, is spiritual adultery one of the unfruitful works of darkness? Eddie, can believers be guilty of these WORKS? Yes, and we are told to REPROVE THEM, saved or lost, our marching orders are clear "have no fellowship".

On the bottom of page 4 you inquire: IS it wrong to ask: Who were these people that caused the division?" No, itís not wrong unless you are trying to justify division. (re:Rom.16) The sin of division among believers is not dispensational. It doesnít matter if they are Jews, or in what age. Division is sin!

Bottom of page 5 & top of 6: "How can you apply this (2Thes. 3:6-16) verse to every and any disorder when Paul is talking about just one?" The passage says: "And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him," We have liberty to use the whole epistle to judge with. When we are in spiritual counsel we certainly see that if not working (being lazy) has this judgment, then believers that have no regard for the visible unity of the body of Christ can expect a similar judgment. We make applications of Godís Word for our daily lives, and God holds all of us in leadership responsible for our applications and actions. The Lord holds all of us responsible for the truth we know. And for what we walk in. Now comes the big question, do you have confidence in the men God has put in leadership to make these decisions?

Another wild Box Car on page 6 re. 1 Tim.6:1-6: "Who and what kind of man are Of course they were. The entire Christian life is a life of choice, Eddie, we to withdraw from?" We are specifically told to withdraw from "SUCH". In other words, similar or like sins. Things that would naturally be in this category. No list of sins is inclusive of all sins. The scriptures give us liberty to judge ourselves.

1 Cor. 5:12-13

Page 7 re: 2 Tim. 3:15: "Do any of those that were marked fall into these verses?" Absolutely Yes!! "Pride" was and is the outstanding sin of our terrible division. And talk about being "despisers of those that are good" or "lovers of pleasures". These phrases describe almost perfectly our condition during the split. And time has proven it to be true.

Mat. 7:20 "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them". Where is the godly fruit of our divisive brethren? All I see is shipwreck and heartache. Who really is walking in separation?

Page 10: "I do not believe that we are ever to avoid our brothers". The bible tells us to AVOID THEM. Rom. 16:17 Eddie, you are at war with Godís Word. If you donít walk in the judgment of the church, and instead, by your actions endorse the division (SPIRITUAL ADULTERY) in the body that we had, you are a guilty brother. Where do you find yourself? Where are you? Where do you stand?

Again page 10: "Am I to understand Ö.The marked brethren caused the division?" YES! Emphatically!! "They did mark themselves", O Yes they did!!

"Does the penalty fit the crime?" According to John 17 (our visual unity) the crime of believers not walking together and being together is the reason the world is not saved. God hates this crime. Pro 6:19 "A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren". "Ö.were these Christians forced to make a choice, to submit or be marked?" Of course they were. The entire Christian life is a life of choice, Eddie, you must decide where you plan on standing. "When you became aware of this Ö. Rebellion, did you warn the Ö. Assemblies of what would happenÖ.? For the better part of 3 years, "unity", "walking together", "church discipline" etc was the topic of almost every meeting. You were gone. It was war! It also was a good fight and some of the Lords solders waxed bold for the truth. Some believers sold out. What will you do?

Eddie, can you admit your thinking has been cloudy? Like I said last time: O Eddie, not you".

Choose light, choose truth,

. "God is not the author of confusion". 1 Cor. 14:33


Your Brother In Christ.


PS. Eddie, I think it would be good if we communicated in person. If we were together when we had a question, we could answer it on the spot. We could respond immediately to each others comments. I have given Ray copies pf your letters. Maybe the three of us could visit and settle some of your questions. Please call when it would be the best time for you. 909-877-3147


Answer Letter #3

Dear Brother Eddie,

I received your third correspondence and at this time I do not intend to read it. Whatever it might contain. Iíll save for a future time. If you have something you think I should know, please call and we will visit together. Apparently my written correspondence is not getting through to you. Please call, Iíll come at your connivance.

Thank You


Jim Maurer
17594 Jurupa Ave
Bloomington, Ca. 92316
(909) 877-3147


The Marking of Eddie & Sue Billmeyer

Dear Brethren Dec. 2000

Psa 133:1 "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

This letter is to inform you of the sad spiritual condition of Eddie Billmeyer, a brother that, in recent years, we have not been able to enjoy this good and pleasant unity with.

Eddie has not attended Christian meetings or functions with us for years. We believe this was due to his physical health. Over the past two years several of us started to hear from brother Eddie through some very lengthy letters. These letters were basically a challenge to the discipline and markings we had. Jim Maurer responded to Eddieís first two letters and endeavored to answer some of Eddieís questions. Subsequent letters from Eddie proved to us that he wasnít looking for answers but wanted to teach us that, "marking to be avoided" is not scriptural. His words tried to teach us, "Mark, yes, but avoid, no".

A number of attempts were made with Eddie to have a face to face opportunity to help him but Eddie would not respond.

On Nov. 9, 2000 the following letter was sent to Eddie from Ray Sharpless and Jim Maurer.

Dear Brother Eddie,

The content of your letters proves to us that by "good words and fair speeches" believers can be deceived. Also, you obviously have judged a matter without hearing it because you have refused to meet with us. We have begged for a meeting with you but you would rather get your information from someone like Ron Blain, (A Baptist man who proves by his actions that he has forgotten the sin of sectarianism).

We still believe Eddie, that sectarianism and division in the body of Christ is sin, therefore we consider your letters as unacceptable reading material. You most stop sending them. If you donít, we would be in violation of Godís word if we did not point you out as one sewing discord.

Please let us know when you will be willing to endeavor to be one with us and make the effort to try and keep the unity of the Spirit and meet with us.

Please call Eddie, we want to help you.

The response to this letter was yet another lengthy letter from Eddie part of which stating his conditions for a meeting. Some of these conditions included who among us would be allowed to be there, and also, Eddie wanted three marked brethren there. We believe Eddie knows that if we are truly "Meeting in the name of the Lord"í then we do not negotiate with, counsel with, or take advise from divisive brethren that have been , "Marked to be avoided" by the church.

Parts of Eddieís letters could be described as attacks or railings against ministry and leadership. We believe this most recent letter certainly had what could only be described as strong railings and attacks against ministry.

Apparently, Eddie would like to forget that we begged to meet with him to help him, not for him to help us. We have been more than longsuffering and gracious with Eddie, but he does not want help. Instead of wanted help, he has been enlarging the number of saints he distributes his letters to. Eddieís most recent letter was also sent to a brother in Virginia spending his divisive railings across the country.

In a menís meeting in Los Angeles on 12-10-00, all the men that were present agreed that Eddie needed to be marked to be avoided. Eddieís wife Sue (who has not been a part of our fellowship for even more years than Eddie) was marked also. If Sue does not agree with Eddie and is willing to stand in the judgments we have made against divisive and carnal believers, we would be thrilled to hear from her and, of course, left her marking. The same would be true for Eddie. We would love to lift his marking, but he must stand in our judgments of marked brethren and confess his divisive actions.

Titus 3:10-11 "A man that is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself."

1 Cor 5:11 "But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother beÖ. a railerÖ. With such an one no not to eat"

We believe Eddie is a heretic (a divisive brother) and a railer.

L.A. area brethren

[About 29 L.A. brethren signed this letter]

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