My sister took the following for 5 months resulting in total remission.
It cost her $1200 per month. She had NON-HODGKINS LYMPHOMA
(lymphatic cancer). The tumors were the size of grapefruits.  They were
not discovered until Stage 4 due to obesity.  Soon they were down to golf 
ball size, then one inch. Her oncologist gave her 40 chemo sessions and
couldn't figure out why she healed the way she did. She had minimal side
effects. She lost her hair twice but did not lose any weight. The blood
tests showed that her readings were perfect. He said that he had only 
one other patient that healed this way and that he couldn't figure it out.
She never told him because the medical profession avoids alternative
therapies for fear of losing their licenses; even if they only nod slightly
to indicate slight approval. Chemo destroys your immune system but not
in her case. Chemo also causes bone marrow suppression. [Is this the
reason that cancer frequently moves to the bone marrow? Can we blame
Chemo for this most painful form of death? They say that if the cancer
doesn't kill you, the Chemo will.] At five months the oncologist didn't
realize that what he was looking at on the x-rays was scar tissue. Then
he said that he didn't see her getting any better nor any worst and that
he was going to give her another round of chemo and that if she didn't
show any improvement, he would commit her to either to the City of Hope
or U.C.L.A., and if that didn't work, he'd give her six months to live.
$6000 and 5 months, the family ran out of money and that was the point
she was healed and we didn't know it. The $6000 was dirt cheap
considering it saved her life. American authorities call them crooks and
quacks. Guess how much traditional cancer treatment costs!

Most of the items from Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, cannot be sold or
prescribed in this country. However, any person with a life threatening or
debilitating illness can personally obtain anything from anywhere in the
world and it's legal. You cannot have more than three months supply or
you will be considered an illegal warehouse.

Most of the people who have been observed to not be successful in Mexico
are the ones who limit their protocols and therapies to just a few things,
like a kid in a candy store, or who think one particular thing is a panacea.

You can call the Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles for a list of clinics
in Tijuana; they also have monthly tours. (213) 663-7801

My sister became a patient of Dr. Jacob Swilling at GENESIS WEST in 
Playas de Tijuana, and as an out-patient was able to have items shipped to her.
You would have to make at least one visit to qualify as an out-patient.  
With your life at risk, you may consider additional treatment not mentioned here.
Ask for the medical history questionnaire before you go; it's lengthy.  

Dr. Swilling has re-organized.  Their current information phone is (831) 309-7988.
Today, no longer Genesis West, Dr. Swilling's web sites are:

Genesis West provided my sister the most important items, as follows:

Prices are reflective of many years ago!

Utilin             $20.00/day       Stimulates Interferon.
                                               1 shot every other day.

Venorex         $98.00 bottle   Venus Fly Trap carnivora
                                                fools immune system invaders.

Alkyrol             $12.00/day     Shark liver oil   
                                                Breaks down tumor.

Lugol Solution $6.27 bottle   Drops that open flow in
                                                Lymphatics [similar to thyroid use].

HCL Drops,10% $6.50 bottle

Colloidal Minerals $25.00    Special brand.

Essiac Tea         $45.00         Herbals from Canada.
                                                (most brands in US not as good.)


(can probably also get from Genesis West)

Laetril (Germany)     $20.00/10cc            14 days, then alt days.
                  Tablets     $17.50/25(500mg)  alternate days, 6 each

Glycyrrhizin (Japan)  $21.00/20cc           10cc alternate days w/Utilin
                                                                  Liver detox & stimul. interferon.

Clodronate               $210/100caps        For bone marrow due to bone
                                                                marrow suppression from chemo.

Germanium       $75.00/70cc 2-3cc per day

Raw Thymus     $9.75/2cc 3 times per week (Germany)

B-Plex 100         $12.00/30cc -- 2cc per day (USA)

B-12                   $11.00/30cc -- 1cc per day (USA)

OTHER: Over the counter; health food stores.

Free Form Amino Acids
Protyolic Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes

Also (and this was really over doing it):

Vitamins A Emulsion
Bee Pollen/Royal Jelly
Brewers Yeast (is not yeast)
Cats Claw (Una Gata)
Evening Primrose Oil
Flax Seed Oil
Glandular Complex
Megadophilis, etc. (Acidophilus, Bifidous, Bulgaricus)
Kyolic Garlic
Lymph-Spleen Complex
Milk Thistle [terrific liver detox; for short term use.]
SOD (Super Oxide Dysmutase) - an antioxidant

Germanium is also over the counter in capsule form.

It was a huge job scheduling everything. The will to live is not great
unless you have some help. Use muffin tins to distribute capsules and
tablets so that they are spread throughout the day. Certain items of
drops have to be put in liquids such as carrot juice, buttermilk, or
citrus juice that are specific to kill the taste of particular drops,
etc. If your attitude is telling your body that you do not have the will
to live, you do not have much of a chance of living. You also need a
spiritual dimension to your life. Now, you have a better chance of
surviving. We admit to going overkill on the over-theĖcounter items.

Get a copy of "Prescription For Nutritional Healing" by James F. Balch, M.D. 
and Phillis A. Balch, C.N.C. You will find many of the over-the-counter
items mentioned and be given guidance on changing eating habits. Another
good book is, "Let's Play Doctor". Read about herbs.

We have also read much of the following: You MUST eliminate sugar,
alcohol, and white flour from your diet. Do not add salt to your food
and avoid canned foods which all have chemicals, excessive salt, and
preservatives. If you had adequate fiber in your diet, you might
not have gotten colon cancer. Everyone (100%) I've met who had
cancer of the esophagus, or Iíve met their surviving spouse, admitted to
taking Antacids regularly. Use Megadophilis or digestive enzymes instead.

Most of the clinics and hospitals in Mexico treat cancer as an immune
deficiency problem. Toxins, chemicals, pesticides, food additives, etc.,
are trapped in your liver, which is the filter, or work horse of your
immune system. They also get deposited in your body fat and are released
dangerously when losing a lot of weight all at once. A detox of your
liver allows your immune system to function properly so that your body
will heal itself. Itís like changing the filter in your air conditioner
once in a while. The clinics also want to get oxygen to the blood cells
because cancer cannot live in an oxygen environment. They also use
various means to fight the tumor itself. This information has come from
patients, American doctors in Mexico, and many publications you can read,
starting at a health food store or with a really good book list from the
Cancer Control Society in Los Angeles.

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