by syzygy,

Posted on FactNet Thursday, December 16, 2004 - 1:35 pm:

I have read this and other related threads and am extremely gladdened to see so many who have escaped the yoke of being a part of this cult.

I was raised in this group and in the 70's I walked away leaving virtually everyone I knew behind. When you grow up in this environment, reality has no part of your experience and adjusting to life on the "outside" was not something I found easy to cope with.

In the last few years before I left I was accused, tried and convicted in the the kangaroo court mis-nomered as "mens meetings" of many heinous sins, some of which I had committed and some I had not. In the case of the ones that I had not committed, I was guilty of placing myself in a position that lent itself to accusations. I had learned early on that denial was never an acceptable defense, submission was the only acceptable response. I have confessed and been forgiven of the sins I committed, the remainder I have put behind me as things that no longer matter.

I have very limited contact with the family members who remain in the "assembly". I know of at least two who remain because they have no concept of how they would function outside the cult. I am not geographically located to offer much support to them and neither am I one who could provide any sort of leadership to them.

I know many of those posting here and recognize many other names. I pray for you daily and will continue to read these threads.

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